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"The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be." — Oprah Winfrey

Hey Y'all!

In the middle of 2020 through the “pandemic lockdown”, I was out of all sorts - out of work, frustrated with family and friends over political causes, and frankly just exhausted of people of all kinds. I’ve always been progressive with how reality in life should unfold into a place where we all find ourselves welcome, not shunned for being who we are. I see a world where we all can respect and coexist beautifully regardless of our path we choose individually. My personal detachment from reality comes and goes in waves but with my adventures in astrology - I'm evolving into a better me. Studying my natal chart has helped me become aware I need to seclude myself from the world from time to time to replenish my soul yet that I need to continue to work on my "partnerships" with others in my life.

As some book discoveries, I came across Astro Woke’s instagram account and started following it. They started promoting for Astro 101 for those who wanted to learn the basics of astrology - I signed up immediately. Learning through American Sign Language was so accessible for me being deaf. We are all so different so with this line I hope to inspire every person who purchases one of my shirts - to open conversation to the cosmic goodness. Growing up with a very religious background is part of who I am as a person but I definitely relate with the concept of the interconnectedness vibe - whatever you belief in life you practice. Astrology mainly isn’t for everyone, but I guarantee you - if you keep an open mind, it’s certainly a fun thing to analyze/use as a life guide. Free will is what makes us who we are, not a birth chart, not a guru, not a specific god, not our society No race, gender, religion, social class, sexual preference, and whatnot should never be superior above another - and I will always fight for the greater good for all, not just one power group. I'm so excited to see Cosmic Sobbing continue growing along with my knowledge. I look forward to the next chapter in my astrology journey. I invite you to “sob” along with me!

Cosmic Sobbing,

Tate Tullier

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